The Team

Ian and Alison at BC Injury Prevention Conference 2010

Ian and Alison at BC Injury Prevention Conference 2010

Brought together under the leadership of Dr. Ian Pike and Dr. Alison Macpherson, the CIHR Team in Child and Youth Injury Prevention is a dynamic group of national-level injury prevention researchers with expertise in the areas of epidemiology; medicine / trauma surgery; nursing; kinesiology; developmental psychology; public health; health promotion; health economics; policy making; program development, implementation and evaluation; geo-spatial analysis; and knowledge translation and mobilization. The interdisciplinary nature of the team provides an exceptional opportunity to develop a unique and supportive communications network for successful cross-fertilization of ideas and collaborations, leading to a more comprehensive and multi-faceted approach to the study of injuries and their prevention among children and youth.

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Core Team Leaders

Ian Pike
Co-Principal Investigator for the CIHR Team in Child and Youth Injury Prevention
Email: Phone 604-875-3425
Dr. Ian Pike is the Director of the British Columbia Injury Research and Prevention Unit and Associate Professor with the Department of Pediatrics, UBC. Dr. Pike is a dynamic leader with a strong record of achievement combining skills in diverse areas of organizational development; group/staff leadership; resource development and fundraising; program development,  management and evaluation; building partnerships and community relations; and applied research and resources to maximize productivity.  His current research is focused on injury indicators for Canadian children and youth, policy indicators, and the development of social marketing campaigns to reduce preventable injuries in BC.

Alison Macpherson
Co-Principal Investigator for the CIHR Team in Child and Youth Injury Prevention
Email:  Phone: 416-736-2100 X 77216
Dr. Alison Macpherson is a Full Professor at York University in Kinesiology and Health Science. She co-led the Canadian Injury Indicator Team’s initial indicator project as well as the Team’s policy indicator project and has a long-standing interest in childhood injury research. She has been involved with priority setting in the injury field, first as the co-chair of the Child and Youth sub-group of the Canadian Injury Research Network (CIR-Net), then as a member of the Injury Surveillance Expert Panel within the Listening for Direction process and finally as a member of the Expert Panel on Injury Prevention of the National Child and Youth Health Coalition. She is currently on the peer review committee for the CIHR Social & Developmental Aspects of Children’s & Youth’s Health, the National Expert Advisory Committee of Safe Kids Canada, Board member of ThinkFirst Foundation, and an Editorial Board member of the Journal of Injury Prevention. Dr. Macpherson co-leads the CIHR Team in Child and Youth Injury Prevention.

Mariana Brussoni
Email: Phone: 604-875-3712
Dr. Mariana Brussoni has a Ph.D. in Developmental Psychology. Her research focuses on understanding the mechanisms of injury risk for high risk populations and developing evidence based policies, programs and interventions that are relevant to their social, cultural and behavioural contexts. Dr. Brussoni is the Board Member Representative for the Americas for the International Society for Child and Adolescent Injury Prevention, and is the Chair of the Safe Kids Canada National Expert Advisory Committee.

Carolyn Emery
Email: Phone: 1-403-220-4608    Website:
Dr. Carolyn Emery is a Full Professor in the Faculty of Kinesiology, Pediatrics and Community Health Sciences, Faculty of Medicine, University of Calgary. She is an Alberta Heritage Foundation for Medical Research Population Health Investigator, a Canadian Institutes of Health Research New Investigator and holds a Professorship in Pediatric Rehabilitation at the University of Calgary.  Carolyn is the co-Chair of the Sport Injury Prevention Research Centre at the University of Calgary. Carolyn has 22 years of clinical experience including expertise in pediatric orthopaedics and sport medicine. Her research focuses on injury prevention in sport, with a particular interest in the child and adolescent population. The primary focus of Carolyn’s research program is the identification of risk factors for injury and evaluation of prevention strategies to reduce the risk of injury in youth sport.

Brent Hagel
Email: Phone: 403-955-7403
Dr. Brent Hagel is an injury epidemiologist with the Departments of Paediatrics and Community Health Sciences at the University of Calgary. His key research interest area is child and adolescent injury prevention, in particular, sport and recreational injuries. His research has focused on the evaluation of protective equipment effectiveness and the evaluation of policies related to injury prevention. Specifically, he has conducted research on ski and snowboard helmet effectiveness and snowboard wrist guard effectiveness as well as the issue of risk taking behavior with the use of protective equipment. His current research includes an evaluation of bicycle helmet legislation in Alberta, risk factors for cycling injuries, terrain park injuries in snowboarders, and how surfacing affects playground injury rates.

Barbara Morrongiello
Email: Phone: 519-824-4120 x53086
Dr. Barbara Morrongiello is a Full Professor in Clinical Psychology at the University of Guelph. She and her team at the Child Development Research Unit are interested in: (1) parental decision-making (2) children’s risk-taking decisions (3) Virtual Reality context to enhance pedestrian crossing skills, and (4) gender inequities. She serves on several editorial boards and works closely with organizations such as the Public Health Agency of Canada, Safe Kids Canada, and Smartrisk. Recent honors include being awarded Fellow status by the American Psychological Association (APA) – Developmental Psychology division, receiving the Logan Wright Research Achievement Award by APA – Pediatric Psychology division, and election to the Canadian Academy of Health Sciences.

William Pickett
Email: Phone: 613-549-6666 x3788
Dr. William Pickett is a Full Professor in the Faculty of Health Sciences at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario.  Dr. Pickett and his colleagues have an active program of research that focuses upon injury surveillance, rural and agricultural injury, pediatric injury, and applied emergency medicine research.  Dr. Pickett teaches in the graduate program in epidemiology, as well as within the medical school at Queen’s.  He is the principal investigator for a number of major research projects, including the Canadian Health Behaviour in School-Aged Children survey, the Saskatchewan Farm Injury Project, and CIHR-funded studies of the built environment and childhood injury.

Nadine Schuurman
Email: Phone: 778-782-3320    Website:
Dr. Nadine Schuurman is a GIScience (GIS) researcher with a focus on spatial epidemiology. She has a small research group of graduate students and research assistants who are involved in several related health and GIS projects. Their goal is to create a research environment that can assist policy makers and health administrators understand and rationalize choices about service provision based on spatial data, population vulnerability, access, service availability, trajectories and outcomes. Dr. Schuurman has three long-term research objectives: (i) develop decision frameworks for location of health services; (ii) build new spatial approaches for surveillance, prevention and improved outcomes for severe injury/trauma; and (iii) better understand and characterize the relationship between the built urban environment and health.

Natalie Yanchar
Email: Phone: 902-470-8114
Dr. Natalie Yanchar is an Associate Professor in Pediatric General Surgery at Dalhousie University and the Medical Director of the Trauma Program at the IWK Health Centre. Natalie has a strong research interest in clinical management of trauma, pediatric trauma systems and primary injury prevention. This interest allows her to co-lead the work on Pediatric Trauma Systems and access to Pediatric Trauma Care within the Scope of this team. Collaborative links with the National Trauma Registry (NTR), as Chair of the NTR Advisory Committee, and with the Trauma Association of Canada, provide opportunities to engage other experts and stakeholders in her field of research. Finally, she is also a strong advocate for policy development in the areas of childhood injury prevention, sitting on the National Expert Advisory Committee of Safe Kids Canada, Chairing the Injury Prevention Committee of the Canadian Pediatric Society and is the founding President of Injury Free Nova Scotia.

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Co-Applicant Team Members

Shelina Babul
Email: Phone: 604-875-3682
Dr. Shelina Babul has been involved in various injury prevention strategies and initiatives, but primarily focuses on sport & recreational evidence-based research development, with a particular specialization in traumatic brain injuries/concussions and its recognition, treatment and prevention. She is a clinical assistant professor in the Department of Pediatrics and teaches a graduate level course in the School of Population and Public Health. Dr Babul’s work includes: 1. addressing critical gaps in the field of injury prevention, 2. identifying the need for quality and comprehensive injury data, 3. injury prevention research and 4. the coordination of injury prevention efforts in the province of British Columbia.

Beth Bruce
Email: Phone: 902-435-7634    Website:
Dr. Beth Bruce holds faculty appointments at Dalhousie University and is the Director of RE: DESIGN, a research and evaluation consulting practice. As the principal investigator of a national vehicle safety study, Beth leads a multi site team that is testing interventions to improve booster seat use. Her own program of research examines risk taking among youth.  Beth has been working with community partners, end users, decision makers and health professionals for over 20 years examining evidence through multiple methods, collaborations and inter professional teams that has led to improved programs and policies.

Stephanie Burrows
Email: Phone: 514-528-2400 x 3507
Dr. Stephanie Burrows is a researcher at the Centre de recherche du Centre hospitalier de l’Université de Montréal. She has a PhD in public health from the Karolinska Institute, specializing in social medicine. Her research expertise lies in injury epidemiology and her work primarily has involved developing, implementing and evaluating injury surveillance systems and understanding how social and environmental conditions influence injury risk. In particular, she is interested in assessing how these research findings can be translated into programs and policies to improve population health

Colleen Davison
Phone: 613-549 6666 x 6872
Dr. Colleen Davison is an Adjunct Assistant Professor with the Department of Community Health and Epidemiology at Queens University as well as a research scientist at the Clinical Research Centre of Kingston General Hospital. She recently won the emerging researcher award in population health from the Population Health Improvement Research Network for her work on health inequities in Ontario.

Willem Meeuwisse
Email: Phone: 403-220-8518    Website:
Dr. Willem Meeuwisse is a Professor and Physician at the University of Calgary Sport Medicine Centre. His consulting responsibilities include Varsity, Olympic and professional athletes. He is the Director of Sport Medicine for the Canadian Sport Centre Calgary and is also the Chair of the National Hockey League (NHL) Health Management Panel. He is engaged in population-based research on sport health screening, risk analysis, injury prediction and prevention, and is Co-Chair of the Sport Injury Prevention Research Centre in the Faculty of Kinesiology at the University of Calgary. He is also the Editor-in-Chief of the Clinical Journal of Sport Medicine.

Craig Mitton
Email:  Phone: 250-807-9906
Dr. Craig Mitton is a Senior Scientist at the Centre for Clinical Epidemiology and Evaluation and an Associate Professor in the School of Population and Public Health in the Faculty of Medicine at UBC. Craig holds a Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research Scholar Award and from 2005-2009 was at UBC Okanagan where he held a Canada Research Chair in Health Care Priority Setting. The focus of his research is in the application of health economics to impact real-world decision making in health organizations. He is a member of the International Society of Priorities in Health Care and serves as an Associate Editor for the journal BMC Health Services Research. In addition to an active applied health services research program he regularly consults with governments and health care organizations both in Canada and abroad. He has published a book entitled the ‘Priority setting toolkit: a guide to the use of economics in health care decision making’.

Lise Olsen
Email: Phone: 604-875-2000 ext. 6708
Dr. Lise Olsen has a background in nursing and health promotion and a PhD in Interdisciplinary Studies.  In her PhD work, she utilized qualitative methods to develop understandings about the perspectives held by mothers living in low-income environments regarding children’s injury prevention.  Her research focuses on how broader contextual factors such as gender or socio-economic status may influence parents’ injury prevention perceptions and safety practices. Dr. Olsen’s research experience includes use of qualitative methods, survey research, program evaluation studies and systematic reviews of literature.

Caroline Piotrowski
Email: Phone: 204-474-8053    Website:
Dr. Caroline Piotrowski’s areas of expertise center around injury and violence prevention in the family, with a particular emphasis on sibling relationships. Over the course of her career, her work has examined the family conflict, child injury in the home and exposure to family violence. More recently, she has collaborated with health professionals to investigate risk factors for child injury at home, including parent supervision and sibling conflict and harm. She is also part of a national research team investigating child car safety, in which innovative prevention programs are being evaluated.

Richard Simons
Email:  Phone: 604-875-5094 Fax: 604-875-5348
Dr. Richard Simons is a practicing general surgeon and trauma surgeon at Vancouver General Hospital. He is Medical Manager of the Vancouver General Hospital Trauma Program, and Associate Professor, Department of Surgery, at UBC. He is the past President of The Trauma Association of Canada and the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada McLaughlin-Gallie visiting professor for 2009. Dr Simons has been instrumental in developing trauma systems in BC and across Canada and developing national guidelines for trauma care.

Bonnie Swaine
Email: Phone: 514-343-7361
Dr. Bonnie Swaine is a physical therapist, professor at the School of rehabilitation, Université de Montreal, a Senior scientist of the Fonds de recherche en santé du Québec (FRSQ) and Scientific Director of the Centre for interdisciplinary rehabilitation research of Montréal, the largest rehabilitation research center in Canada.  Her research focuses on many of the complex issues faced by children, youth and adults with a traumatic brain injury (TBI). Her specific interests include measurement tool development and validation (e.g. perception of the quality of TBI rehabilitation services), health services research (e.g. referral and discharge patterns; health service utilisation, return to activity following TBI) and epidemiological studies about the risk of subsequent TBI and future suicide in children with TBI.

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Knowledge Users

Johanna Jimenez-Pardo, BHSc., MSc.
e-mail: website:
Tel: (613) 241-6789 ext. 292
Policy Analyst, AFN Health and Social Development Secretariat
Ms. Johanna Jimenez-Pardo is a Research and Policy Analyst, Health and Social Secretariat at the Assembly of First Nations.

Pamela Fuselli
Email: Phone: 647-776-5103 Website:
Parachute, Vice President, Government & Stakeholder Relations
Appointed in 2008 as executive director of Safe Kids Canada, Ms. Pamela Fuselli has over 10 years experience as an injury prevention and knowledge translation expert. She has built strategic partnerships with key stakeholders at the community, provincial, territorial, national and federal levels as well as with corporate partners and industry. Pamela sits on a variety of committees including the Public Health Agency’s Public Health Network Injury Prevention & Control Task Group, Canadian Collaborative Centres for Injury Prevention, Canadian Paediatric Society Injury Prevention Liaison Committee and co-chairs the Canadian Agricultural Injury Report and Canadian Injury Prevention & Safety Promotion Conference. Pamela holds degrees in Psychology (BSc), Health Administration (BHA) and Creativity & Change Leadership (MS).

Phil Groff
Email: Website:
Dr. Phil Groff is the Vice-President, Programs, at Parachute, a national, charitable organization dedicated to preventing injuries and saving lives. Parachute officially came into being in July 2012 and unites the former organizations of Safe Communities Canada, Safe Kids Canada, SMARTRISK and ThinkFirst Canada into one leader in injury prevention. Parachute’s injury prevention programming and advocacy efforts are designed to help Canadians reduce their risks of injury while enjoying long lives lived to the fullest. At Parachute, Phil coordinates and oversees all injury prevention programs, research, knowledge translation, and evaluation efforts. Phil has wide-ranging expertise in research and evaluation, social marketing and a deep knowledge of injury prevention. Phil has a PhD in psychology from the University of Toronto with a specialty in human neuropsychology and cognition and is also a credentialed evaluator, in good standing with the Canadian Evaluation Society. As VP, Programs, Phil is a key spokesperson for the organization. He sets the research agenda for Parachute, while also leading an in depth evaluation and analysis of all of Parachute’s programs and services.

Margaret Herbert
E-Mail Phone  613-952-2217
Ms. Margaret Herbert has worked for fifteen years with the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) and Health Canada in the area of injury prevention.  Her current work leading the Injury Prevention Unit focuses on coordination and policy development. She also has experience in injury epidemiology and surveillance including management of PHAC’s Canadian Hospitals Injury Reporting and Prevention Program (CHIRPP).  Margaret is currently PHAC’s representative on the Injury Prevention and Control Task Group, part of the Pan Canadian Public Health Network, and she acts as liaison to the World Health Organization’s Department of Violence and Injury Prevention and Disability.

Matt Herman
Email: Phone: 250 952-2781    Website:
Mr. Matt Herman is the Director of Injury Prevention, Physical Activity and Healthy Built Environment within the BC Ministry of Health Services where he has worked since 2005. Matt has worked in the field of health promotion and injury prevention for over 15 years and emigrated from Scotland to BC in 2004. Matt is currently responsible for the provincial leadership on injury prevention, physical activity and health and the built environment. This involves program development and evaluation, performance measurement and indicator development, policy and standards, legislation and regulations, and strategic planning to ensure these key health strategies are accurately reflected and considered in services delivered by Health Authorities, other ministries, local government and other community partners.

John Tallon
Phone: 902-473-7157
Mr. John Tallon is a professor with the Departments of Emergency Medicine, Anesthesia, Surgery and Community Health and Epidemiology at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia. He is also the President of the Trauma Association of Canada He contributes much expertise to the CIHR team in the following areas: epidemiology, injury, EMS, head injury, resuscitation, air medical transport, and trauma systems.

Sandra Newton
Email: Phone: 902 470-6492
Since 2002, Ms. Sandra Newton has been the Manager of Child Safety Link, a Maritime-wide child and youth injury prevention program in Halifax, NS. Prior to her focus in children’s injury prevention, she coordinated an impaired driving prevention Alliance in Ontario and worked for the Ontario provincial government. For several years she taught the Health Promotion Policy course and has co-taught the Injury Prevention course at Dalhousie University. Presently, she is the co-chair of the Atlantic Collaborative on Injury Prevention. Sandra has a MSc in Health Promotion from Purdue University and recently completed a Social Marketing Certificate from the University of South Florida. She has worked in the field of Health Promotion/injury prevention for almost 15 years.

Looee OkalikLooee Okalik
Phone: 613.238.8181 ext. 222    Website:
Inuit Tapiriit Kanatami
Ms. Looee Okalik is the Health Projects Coordinator at Inuit Tapiriit Kanatami in Ottawa, ON. One of her work areas includes Injury Prevention with guidance from Inuit Public Health Task Group.

Lisa Oliver
Email:   Phone: 613-951-4708  Facsimile 613-951-3959
Ms. Lisa Oliver is a research analyst in the Health Analysis Division at Statistics Canada. Lisa has a PhD in Geography from Simon Fraser University. Her research examines neighbourhood and contextual influences on health with a particular focus on childhood injury. Lisa has recently completed two studies examining neighbourhood income gradients in unintentional injury hospitalization among Canadian children (Health Reports, 2010; Injury Prevention, 2009). Lisa is also involved in several projects providing information on the health and well-being of First Nations, Métis and Inuit children.

Paul Peters
Email:  Telephone: 613-951-0616 Facsimile: 613-951-3959
Dr. Paul Peters is a technical specialist in the Health Analysis Division, Statistics Canada and an Adjunct Professor in the Faculty of Health Sciences, Simon Fraser University, Canada. His expertise is in demography, social geography, and Geographic Information Systems. Some of his most recent research includes the analysis of vital statistics in the Inuit-inhabited areas of Canada, investigation of air pollution and mortality links, environment and health data linkages, and spatial analysis methodology.

Julian Young
Email: Phone: 902 424-5362    Website:
Since 2003, Mr. Julian Young has worked with the Nova Scotia Department of Health and Wellness as the Provincial Coordinator, Injury Prevention and Control. In this capacity he provides strategic leadership for Nova Scotia’s injury prevention strategy.  Julian teaches part-time in the School of Health Promotion at Dalhousie University, has a small consulting practice, and is a seasoned instructor, coach, and mentor. Combining his public policy, trauma system management, leadership, and engagement skills, Julian has worked effectively with many others to build a strong foundation for health promotion and injury prevention in Nova Scotia.

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Caroline Finch

Trainee Alumni

Sarah Richmond CEP, MSc., PhD(C)
Email:   Phone 416-813-7654 x2337
Trainee lead, CIHR Team in Child and Youth Injury Prevention.
Dr. Sarah Richmond is a Clinical Post-Doctoral Fellow at the Hospital for Sick Children (HSC) in Toronto, Ontario. Dr. Richmond works for the Child Health Evaluative Sciences Department in Pediatric Injury Epidemiology and is working on a number of projects related to injury and injury mechanisms in both occupant and pedestrian motor vehicle collisions in a pediatric population. Sarah completed her PhD training at the Sport Injury Prevention Research Centre at the University of Calgary. Sarah’s Ph.D. was an interdisciplinary degree in sport injury epidemiology and exercise physiology, specifically looking at how increasing neuromuscular fitness has a relationship with sport injury and obesity prevention in adolescents. Sarah holds a Masters of Science degree (Certified Exercise Physiologist) in exercise physiology with a specialization in exercise prescription and fitness assessment. Sarah’s research interests include sport injury epidemiology, physical activity, transportation and health, and evaluation and implementation of injury prevention initiatives. Sarah is currently the trainee lead for the CIHR Team in Child and Youth Injury Prevention.

Kelly Russell
Email:   Phone: 204-480-1312
University of Manitoba
Dr. Kelly Russell completed a PhD in Epidemiology at the University of Calgary as part of the STAIR Child and Youth Team Grant. She examined rates and risk factors for injuries among snowboarders in a terrain park. After finishing a post-doctoral fellowship in brain injuries at St Michael’s Hospital in Toronto, Kelly joined the Department of Pediatrics at the University of Manitoba as an Assistant Professor. Her research interests are to identify risk factors for sport injuries among children and adolescents, understand risk taking behaviors, and prevent these injuries through health promotion initiatives, protective equipment use, and improving the sports-related built environment.


Ofer Amram
Simon Fraser University

Lara Branson
University of Calgary

Mike Corbett

University of Guelph
Applied Social Psychology

Kira Frew
University of British Columbia
Experimental Medicine

Alana Harrington
York University

Brae Anne McArthur
University of Guelph
Clinical Psychology: Applied Developmental Emphasis

Alexa Read
University of Guelph

Elyse Reim

University of Guelph
Clinical Psychology: Applied Developmental Emphasis

Nicole Ruest
University of Calgary
Child and Adolescent Injury Prevention

Megan Sandomierski
University of Guelph
Clinical Psychology: Applied Developmental Emphasis

Kathryn Schneider
University of Calgary
Sport Injury Prevention and Research Centre

Desiree Wilson
University of British Columbia
Ms. Desiree Wilson is a PhD student supervised by Dr. Ian Pike. Desiree obtained her Master’s degree in Counselling Psychology at the University of British Columbia. She has volunteered and worked with children and youth in a number of settings. She is committed to children’s rights and serves as President of the Society for Children and Youth of B.C.

Dan Zdzieborski
University of Guelph

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Executive Committee

Ronald G. Barr
Email Phone 604-875-3568
Dr. Ronald G. Barr MA, MDCM, FRCP(C) is the Canada Research Chair in Community Child Health Research at the University of British Columbia, Professor of Pediatrics in the Faculty of Medicine at UBC, and Head of the Developmental Neurosciences and Child Health Research cluster at the Child and Family Research Institute of the BC Children’s Hospital. He is a Fellow of the “Experience-based Brain and Biological Development” Programme of the Canadian Institute for Advanced Research and a former President of the Society for Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics.

Anne-Cécile Desfaits
Courriel |Email:
Phone: 514 – 412 – 4414 or | ou 514 – 412 – 4400 #22889
Dr. Anne-Cécile Desfaits is the Assistant Director of the Institute of Human Development, Child and Youth Health of the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) since May 2005. Her role is to oversee the Institute’s daily operations such as the Institute funding program management, budget monitoring, planification and reporting of Institute’s activities. She is also the interface between the Institutes and the research community. She worked previously at the CIHR Institute of Aging in Sherbrooke (Quebec) from October 2001 to April 2005 also as Assistant Director of the Institute.

Jane Gray
Email: Phone: 613-733-1916 Ext. 102    Website:
Ms. Jane Gray is a Mi’gmaq from the community of Listuguj, Quebec, Canada. She has held positions at the community, regional and national level in an active health career spanning 20 years advocating for improvements in First Nations health. She is a strong promoter of First Nations self-determination in the area of research. She considers herself a Data Warrior and upholds the First Nations Principles of Ownership, Control, Access and Possession (OCAP). She dedicates and commits herself to improving the health status of First Nations through research. She currently holds the position as the National Project Manager for First Nations Regional Longitudinal Health Survey at the First Nations Information Governance Centre.

Rose-Alma McDonald
Email: Phone: 613-575-2533
Dr. Rose-Alma McDonald has over 30 years experience as a professional consultant, technical writer, researcher, facilitator and social reformer. Through her work, Dr. McDonald has represented over 633 First Nations in Canada on national policy issues related to health, education, languages, social development, disability, injury prevention, child care and social security reform. At the same time she has represented over 500 tribes in the United States on national policy issues related to education, labour market training and skills acquisition. In addition to Canada and the USA, Dr. McDonald has been responsible for presentations and research related to Indigenous issues in Australia, New Zealand, Russia and Malaysia through the course of her career. She has also been responsible for facilitating collaborative efforts with global partners that include the World Health Organization and United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous issues.

Gordon Phaneuf
Email: Phone: 613-235-4412 Website:
Mr. Gordon Phaneuf has worked in child advocacy, front-line child protection, program and policy development, knowledge exchange, and the epidemiology of child maltreatment. Spearheading a national program of research and surveillance on child abuse he established the Child Maltreatment Division within the Government of Canada. He has represented the government of Canada at a number of international forums on children’s issues. He currently leads the National Consultation Centre at the CWLC and in that capacity has served as a technical advisor to: the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services; Republic of South Africa; World Health Organization; and several Provincial/Territorial governments. Most recently he has chaired the Social Services Review for the Government of Nunavut.

Suzanne Tough
Email: Phone 403-955-2272
Dr. Suzanne Tough is a Professor with the Departments of Paediatrics and Community Health Sciences in the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Calgary, and an Adjunct Associate Professor with the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at the University of Alberta . She is also the Scientific Director of the Alberta Centre for Child, Family and Community Research, an organization whose vision is to improve child, family and community well-being through applied research.

Anne-Marie Ugnat
Email:  Phone: 613-941-8498 Fax: 613-941-9927
Dr. Anne-Marie Ugnat is the Acting Director of the Health Surveillance and Epidemiology Division at the Public Health Agency of Canada. She also holds an adjunct professor position at the University of Ottawa in the Department of Epidemiology and Community Medicine. In her work at the Public Health Agency of Canada, Dr Ugnat is responsible for managing surveillance and epidemiology programs in the field of maternal and child health. 

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International Expert Advisors / Consultants

Kidist Bartolomeos
Phone: +41 22 791 34211, Fax:+41 22 791 4489, Website
Dr. Kidist Bartolomeos joined the World Health Organization (WHO) in March 2000 as a CDC Foundation Surveillance Fellow and was responsible for injury surveillance and training activities in the African Region. From 2003 until 2006 she was assigned to the WHO office in Maputo, Mozambique where she coordinated WHO’s injury and violence prevention activities for the country. Since 2006, she has worked on global injury surveillance and assisting with the development of the World report on child and adolescent injury prevention. Ms. Bartolomeos continues to give support to both the AFRO regional office and Member States for injury prevention related activities.

Caroline Finch
Email: Phone: 03 9905 1388
Dr. Caroline Finch is a Research Professor of Human Movement Science and a National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) Principal Research Fellow. She is widely regarded both internationally and nationally as Australia’s leading sports/physical activity injury epidemiologist. Her research has been published in over 250 peer review journals, research reports and other publications. Her broad research program is in the population health area of injury prevention and safety promotion with the primary context of application on sports and physical activity related injury and the use of exercise to prevent other injuries.

Andrea Gielen
Email: Phone: 410-955-2397 Website:…
Dr. Andrea Gielen’s injury research focuses on the development and evaluation of behavioral interventions for women and children, with a special focus on meeting the needs of low income, urban families. Injury topics include home injuries due to fires and burns, falls, and poisonings; motor vehicle related injuries; and intimate partner violence. Interventions include computer tailored communication programs, community based participatory approaches, community health workers, and children’s safety resource centers. The application of behavior change theories and methods is an area of special interest

Ronan Lyons
Email:, Phone: 44 (0)1792 513484
Dr. Ronan Lyons is a UK based injury epidemiologist with a particular interest in the development of surveillance systems for targeting and evaluating interventions and the measurement of the burden of injuries. He led the Advocacy in Acton Study, a cluster randomised trial to improve pedestrian safety in deprived high risk communities, and the UK Burden of Injuries Study. He also developed the Secure Anonymised Information Linkage (SAIL) system, which brings together multiple individual level health and environmental datasets, to support interventional research. He is involved in a number of international injury research projects involving partners from the European Union, Australasia and North America.

Rod McClure
Email:, Phone: +61 3 9905 4372, Website:
Dr. Rod McClure has medical qualifications, extensive clinical experience in emergency medicine, a PhD in injury epidemiology and specialist training in public health medicine. He currently holds appointments as Director of the Monash University Accident Research Centre; Professor, Faculty of Medicine Nursing and Health Sciences, Monash University; and Professor of Public Health Medicine, Griffith University

David A. Sleet
Email:, Phone: 770-488-4699
Dr. David A. Sleet is the Associate Director of Science in the Division of Unintentional Injury Prevention at the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), where he plans and manages research programs and provides direction to a national injury control program. He is co-editor of the WHO World Report on Road Traffic Injury Prevention (2004), and the author of 3 additional books, including Injury and Violence Prevention: Behavioral Science Theories, Methods, and Applications (2006), and The Handbook of Injury and Violence Prevention (2007). He is Professor Emeritus at San Diego State University, Adjunct Professor at Curtin University in Australia and on the teaching faculty of the School of Public Health at Emory University, in Atlanta.

Project Coordinator

Shannon Piedt
Email:  Phone: 604-875-2000 Ext. 5478
Ms. Shannon Piedt worked with at-risk youth for a very long time. When it was time to do something different, she hung around the University of British Columbia wondering about jobs in research. She noticed that RAs who could drive were needed for a couple of research projects in and around Vancouver and the Sunshine Coast and she had a car. Miraculously, this gave her enough experience to become the RA for the original injury indicators project at the BCIRPU, and then the research coordinator for the STAIR C&Y Team. Shannon continues to be amazed that this fabulous team responds so well to coordination (aka bossiness).


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