Dr. Linda Rothman joins the STAIR C&Y Team

Linda Rothman will spend the next few years working as a postdoctoral fellow with Alison Macpherson on the policy work planned for her CIHR Chair in Reproductive, Child and Youth Health. Linda joins us from Dr. Andrew Howard’s Transport Related Injury Prevention STAIR Team and the focus of her PhD was safe transport environments and walkability.

Welcome to the Team, Linda!

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Survey: Are today’s playgrounds too safe?

surveyResearchers at the University of British Columbia are seeking to better understand what makes a memorable outdoor play space. To do so we created a 2 minute online survey – would you be willing to take the survey? It’s simple, fast and hopefully fun!

The survey is available here:

Also, check out our Facebook page:

Thanks for sharing your views, we appreciate your input on this important topic.

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Are we protecting our children too much while they play?

On November 5, 2013, we held a symposium on risky play and injury prevention in Montreal. It occurred prior to the 2013 Canadian Injury Prevention and Safety Promotion Conference and summarized their presentation in the discussion papers that follow.

The symposium was intended to promote dialogue and provide relevant multi-disciplinary perspectives on the whether we are protecting our children too much while at play. We heard from the following speakers, all of which also provided a short discussion paper summarizing their talk:

  • Mariana Brussoni & Ian Pike
  • Ellen Sandseter
  • Susan Herrington
  • Heather Turner
  • Scott Belair
  • Louise Logan & Pam Fuselli
  • David J. Ball


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