Trauma Study: Goals

The goals of this project are to determine the geographic distribution of major trauma among children and youth in Canada, and to assess effectiveness of organized Canadian pediatric trauma care systems.  That is, to determine if the right pediatric trauma patient is getting to the right place(s) of case in a timely and efficient manner.  More specifically, we aim to :

  1. Detemine and describe the hot-spots of child and youth major injury in Canada.
  2. To illustrate the geographic picture of child and youth injury in Canada when stratified by age, socioeconomic disadvantaged populations, and vulnerable/high risk injury mechanisms and patterns.
  3. To determine who the right patient is, which cases should go to higher level care, and which are appropriately treated at centers with less dedicated pediatric trauma care
  4. To determine, across the various regions across Canada, what proportion of appropriate cases are reaching appropriate levels of care.
  5. To explore the barriers to appropriate access to appropriate pediatric trauma care in Canada.

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