Snowboarding Study

Snowboarding has been identified as a top-five sport resulting in adolescent injury. Many severe injuries result from jumps and tricks while participating in a terrain park (TP). Prior to the 2007/08 ski season, the Resorts of the Canadian Rockies banned man-made jumps in their TPs, but there is no published evidence suggesting man-made jumps result in greater injury risk compared with other TP features. The objectives of this research are to determine TP feature-specific injury profiles (most common injury location and type of injury) and feature-specific injury rates in snowboarders. We will do this by comparing the injuries of snowboarders injured on different TP features and by determining how many injuries occur on each feature accounting for the number of snowboarders using each feature. In this way, we will know which features in the terrain park carry the highest risk of injury after accounting for the number of snowboarders who use them. This will allow evidence-based decisions to be made on how to ensure the safest possible experience for TP users.

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