Adolescent Risk-Taking

Adolescent Risk Taking Project 1

This research is to develop and validate a short index or scale that can be used to describe risk-taking in young people, and to identify groups of young people who are especially vulnerable to major injury.  This work is being conducted using data from a national school-based health survey called the Health Behaviour in School-Aged Children Survey.  Analyses are being repeated in multiple countries and with different age groups.

Adolescent Risk Taking Project 2

Dr. Pickett also is proposing to work with other members of the STAIR child and youth team (including but not limited to Dr. Ian Pike, UBC; Dr. Alison Macpherson, York University; Dr. Barbara Morrongiello, University of Guelph, Looee Akalik, Inuit Tabiriit Kanatimi; representatives from the Assembly of First Nations), to develop a two national reports on adolescent injury and intentional injury, using 2010 data from the Health Behaviour and School-Aged Children Survey. One of these reports will focus on Injury and Intentional Injury in the general Canadian population of school-children in grades 6-10.  The second report will focus on Injury and Intentional Injury in the student population that self-identified as being Aboriginal.  Both reports will be done in cooperation with HBSC Canada (the research group that directs the Canadian Health Behaviour in School-Aged Children Survey) and the Public Health Agency of Canada.

These two national reports will be conducted in years 2-4 of the STAIR child and youth research grant.  They aim to provide national estimates of the magnitude of various injury and intentional injury outcomes in the Canadian population of young people aged 11-15 years, and to describe common and recurrent patterns of injury in these general and Aboriginal populations of young people.  Findings from these reports will provide direction for interventions including injury control policy.

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