C & Y Injury Indicators: Background

a) Directly addressing a recent recommendation that Canada should choose a set of indicators comparable across institutions and organizations to monitor injury, the outcome of this project will be the Canadian Child and Youth Injury Indicators Dashboard related to injury outcomes, risk factors and policies. Previous work by Team members has defined and specified 34 indicators for Canadian children and youth and a set of 27 indicators specific to First Nations and Inuit children and youth. In developing child and youth injury indicators, three decisions had to be made:

  1. What are the most important domains – subject areas – of the child and youth injury prevention system the indicators should focus on?
  2. What data and indicators best measure these domains?
  3. What data and indicators are most important to practitioners, policy makers and researchers in terms of driving decision and action toward child and youth injury prevention?

b) The Web Portal will host the Child and Youth Injury Indicators Dashboard, the Atlas of Child and Youth Injury/ Spatial Analysis, as well as research results and products from each of the Team Projects. All elements of the research program will contribute new understanding to child and youth injury prevention, as well as provide new data required to populate the Dashboard.

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