C & Y Injury Indicators

Child and Youth Injury Indicators Dashboard and Web Portal

Lead Investigators and Partners: I Pike, A Macpherson, First Nations Information Governance Centre, Assembly of First Nations, Safe Kids Canada

a) In this project, we will develop a web-based, graphical dashboard that incorporates child and youth injury data and its analysis, presents temporal and spatial trends in data, and identifies important issue areas not apparent with more traditional, paper-based approaches. Our Child and Youth Injury Indicators Dashboard will be a visual representation of data that provide salient information and assessment of different aspects of the performance of the child and youth injury prevention system in Canada. This will allow practitioners, policy makers and researchers to make timely decisions with regard to child and youth prevention improve­ments, and to assess and monitor those decisions over time. Users will be able to monitor how the system is performing locally, and compare across jurisdictions.

b) The Dashboard will be housed on an interactive site accessed via the Canadian Child and Youth Injury Prevention Web Portal. For now, the main purpose will be to serve as a communications platform for the Team and to serve as a model and pilot environment for the develop­ment of a full Web Portal to be developed (and sustained by future funding). Ultimately, the Web Portal will be an independent site on the World Wide Web that will serve several purposes for child and youth injury researchers, practitioners and policy makers.

It will:

  • House the Injury Indicators Dashboard and Atlas, providing current surveillance information on child and youth injury prevention in Canada.
  • Serve as a communications platform for the child and youth injury prevention community. In this context, it will provide a venue for on-line discussions, seminars, meetings and information sharing, and communiqués posting.
  • Be a repository for child and youth injury prevention knowledge, evidence and tools. Abstracts, presentations, publications, reviews and tools will be displayed and available for users.
  • Link and present information from other sources in a unified way, providing consistency for users.

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