Burden Study: Goals

To provide estimates of the burden of injury that can be used by policy makers to direct actions and policies about injury prevention, acute and chronic injury treatment and injury control; by practitioners to promote a better understanding of rehabilitation after injury, appropriate clinical treatments for injured patients, and patient education; and by researchers to improve understanding of injury burden in BC and elsewhere.


  1. To explore potential factors, both individual and contextual, affecting child and youth injury rehabilitation across injury types.
  2. To provide an estimate of quality of life changes from pre-injury to 12 months post-injury among children and youth across different injury types.
  3. To provide an estimate of personal costs, costs of health care service utilization, and costs to the economy resulting from child and youth injury.
  4. To develop practical, cost-effective methodology for measuring the burden of child and youth injury that can be expanded to other hospital sites and used as part of regular and on-going patient follow-up.

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