Aboriginal Child and Youth: Results

With respect to the injury indicator reports, all planned translations were completed, four report launch activities took place, and reports were disseminated to at least seven highly relevant committees or groups and to the participants of two relevant conferences.

The results of the Akwesasne Injury Prevention Project were presented to the AMBE Director, local AMBE Board members and members of the Mohawk Council of Akwesasne in December of 2013 and March 2014. Of the injuries that happened to AMBE school children, boys were injured more frequently than girls. The majority of injuries reported were for children between the ages of pre-kindergarten (K4) to grade 4 and most were unintentional injuries, though some were intentional injuries. A greater percentage of injuries reportedly took place on the playground, in the gym or classroom than in other school locations. The most common activities that contributed to the injuries were falls, collisions, playing, running, climbing and aggressive behaviour. Analyzing injuries using school incident reports was an effective way to collaborate with the AMBE on injury prevention. It was very helpful to have the guidance of Team member and Akwesasne community member Dr. Rose-Alma McDonald on the project methods and process.

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