Our Approach – Brand Promise

Child and youth injury prevention will be addressed through: 

  1. Partnerships among child and youth injury prevention researchers and committed knowledge-users and stakeholders
  2. Basing the research plan on a public health approach
  3. Addressing child and youth injury by developmental stages (young children, school age children, adolescents) to target relevant causes of injury within these high risk groups, including the burden, risks and circumstances of injury among First Nations and Inuit children and youth

Team Goals

  1. To strengthen child and youth injury surveillance, research and prevention
  2. To engage knowledge-users and stakeholders at all appropriate stages of planning and execution of the child and youth injury prevention research program
  3. To deliver superior and strategic training and mentorship opportunities in child and youth injury prevention for trainees and new investigators
  4. To foster excellence in communication and encourage engagement through the development of a Canadian Child and Youth Injury Prevention Web Portal and Injury Indicators Dashboard

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